Golden Prague, a city of hundreds of towers and according to many, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. After visiting Prague, we are also joining this opinion. For easier  planning of the trip, we wrote our plan for a four-day visit to Prague.

Day 1: Slovenia – Cesky Krumlov – Prague
For the trip to Prague you will need between 6-7 hours from Slovenia. We suggests that you go on a trip in the early morning and see wonderful Cesky Krumlov on your way, famous for its castle and beautiful architecture in the old city center. Take at least 2-3 hours for visit. After visiting the city you have two more hours drive to Prague.

Day 2: Left Bank of Vltava (Prague Castle, Lennon’s Wall, Petrin Hill)
The first day in Prague, spend your time exploring the left bank of Vltava, where you can see the medieval town of Hradčany (Prague Castle, Golden Lane). After visiting the castle, head to the Little Quarter, which is a modest part of the city. During the exploration of Mala strana, do not miss out the graffiti of Lennon’s wall, which is a good reflection of the communist history of the Czech Republic.

Right next to the left bank of Vltava, there is a beautiful Kampa park, which is considered one of the most beautiful and most peaceful parts of the city. Late in the afternoon, you will have some time left to climb to Petrin Hill. You can reach the top with a funicular or you can take a walk on foot. At the top, climb to the tower, from where you will have a wonderful view of the old-part of the city, the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge.

Day 3: Right bank of Vltava (Town square, Charles bridge, Dancing house, Astronomical clock)
The second day in Prague, you will have to explore the right bank of Vltava, where Old and New town are located. Start researching at town square, where are many restaurants, bars, museums and street artists. Do not miss the mighty church of »Our lady« and the astronomical clock tower. You have a beautiful view to the square and the clock tower from the roof terrace of Uprince Hotel.

Finally, take a walk over the Charles Bridge and enjoy the Prague hustle and bustle. If you have some more time, take a walk to the most unusual building in the city – Dancing House, which got its name for its unusual architecture.

While exploring the city, you must try one of the Czech traditional dishes, and we recommend you try a home-made goulash with dumplings. Be sure to try the traditional dessert Trdelnik that you find at every corner.

Day 4: Prague Zoo – return home
The last day in Prague jump back into the city or visit the Prague zoo, which is considered the most beautiful in Europe. Afternoon return home.