The second day at the beautiful Nusa Penida we went out to snorkel and explore on probably the most famous beach – Crystal Bay. In the morning, we eat a delicious Indonesian breakfast on the terrace, and then we head to the bay, which is half-hour away.

As soon as we reach the beach, someone (like everywhere else) came to us picking up the parking fee. We park the motorbike, pay the parking fee and walk to Crystal Bay Beach. On the left side of the beach you can see the stairs leading steeply up the hill. As ussual we are very curious so we are already on our way to explore where the path is headed. The path is nicely marked, and the stray dog joined us and followed us all the way there and back. After fifteen minutes of walking, we reach another beautiful bay, where there were simply too high waves to swim. If you are walking to a hidden beach, do not forget to bring a bottle of water with you.

Snorkeling in Crystal Bay is considered one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the world. There is an unwritten rule among the locals that if the current is too strong that tourists are not driven here for snorkeling that day, it is not safe to snorkel. In short, if you visit Crystal Bay for the purpose of snorkeling and there are no boats in the bay that day, you should check if it is suitable for snorkeling, because the current may be too strong.

In the evening, we head for dinner at one of the roadside restaurants, where we get an excellent mi goreng, delicious fruit smoothie, and the perfect evening is served by the sunset which we observe during the dinner.

We spent the rest of the evening thinking that none of our travels has ever taken over us as much as Nusa Penida did – a place we will definitely return to.


  • deckchair rental: 5 eur
  • dinner: 12 eur
  • overnight stay: 22 eur
  • beach drink: 2.4 eur