The sea, the sun, the nature, peace and of course camping are the best way to disconnect. In the last two months, we had a very stressful period, so we urgently needed to disconnect, which was meant this weekend.

The first idea was to go to a camp in Trieste, but we changed our minds just before the exit for Trieste. Reason? We absolutely do not know the Slovenian coast. Thanks to mobile technology and the mobile internet, we had two camps in our selection. The first one was on the list was camp Adria in Ankaran, which we did not like too much, but there was still too much crowd, so we should wait for a free space. Another idea was the Belvedere camp in Izola.

A lot of space, a plantation of olive trees, and a space just as much that you did not look at your neighbors plate. That’s it … Walking through the campsite, we find our place between two olive trees and within 5 minutes we set up our “base camp”. Quecha’s 2 seconds popup tent is the best.

The Belvedere Camp is located on a hill next to the Hotel Belvedere and the camp is divided into two parts. The first part is in the shade of the pine forest, where there are mostly guests with campers, but it is possible to still find a space for a tent.

The second part of the camp is located in the olive grove, where there is less shade, and is mostly intended for tents. There is no water and electricity in this part of the camp. The camp is nicely maintained and sanitary facilities are arranged.

In the summer months, swimming in the outdoor swimming pool is also possible at the hotel complex Belvedere. In this case, a higher price for camping is charged at € 14.80 per person.

Since the campsite is located on a hill, it takes a little walk to the beach. To the beach, which is located under the cliff, there is a 10-minute walk, and all the beverages and food must be taken with you, as there are no bars on the beach.

If you do not like this beach, you can go to another nearby beach, which we needed  15 minutes of walking. For the guests of the camp, a free shuttle service with a minibus is organized in the summer months to this beach.

We visited both beaches and the beach under the cliffs was better for us. On the other beach there is too much crowds, unpleasant access to the water, and also it was not even the cleanest.

Within the campsite, there is a mini market where you get everything you need, especially cold beer.