On the way from Prague, we stopped for two days in the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava. If you choose the route through Austria, Bratislava is about 45 minutes away from Vienna which is on your way back. Since we took the road which leads through Brno, we had to bought a Slovak vignette, which costs 10 eur for 10 days.

If you go to Bratislava via Vienna, you can avoid buying a vignette by selecting the B9 road. Follow this road to the very center of Bratislava. You can order vignette on this website.

We arrived in Bratislava late in the evening and since the owner of the apartment was not able to come right away, we waited for him in one of the pubs. Prices of beer in Bratislava are ridiculously low. For 0,5L of local beer we paid 1,1 eur, and for 0,3L of beer 0,75 eur.

Overnight stay was booked a bit late, so we did not have big choices for overnight stays in the city center. Again we booked our night over airbnb. We slept in a huge apartment where could sleep up to 7 people, there is a 5-minute walk to the city center, and free parking was included in the price.

Although Bratislava is not exactly right at the top of the city breaks rank, it’s definitely worth a visit. The old town is really beautiful and something special. The narrow streets are full of history, restaurants, pubs, street artists and imaginative sculptures located along the streets of Bratislava. For a leisurely walk and sightseeing of all the main attractions with lunch, we spent about 5 hours.

It is best to explore Bratislava on foot, because the city center is small and all the main sights are relatively close. During the tour of Bratislava, you should not miss the “UFO flying saucer”, the Bratislava castle, take a walk around the old part of the city, where you can see the Roland fountain, and after all, do not forget to take a photo with the statues. You must not overlook the statue of the Beautiful Nation (Shoner Naci), which is famous for the fact that every young woman who went by said shone shone “(beautiful, beautiful). You must also be careful of the Statue at Work (Čumil), which hooks out of the sewerage chamber. If you are well in the mood, also go to a club, since Bratislava is also known for its diverse nightlife.

During a visit to Bratislava, enjoy yourself in one of the local restaurants and try one of the traditional dishes, such as goulash or Bryndz Halušky, a dish of potato dumplings and fermented cheese.

Prices for food and beverages in the city center are not so cheap, so you’d better go to one of the side streets where prices are similar to ours (lunch for two person with 2 rounds of drinks around 20eur). In Bratislava there are also some Asian restaurants and we, who simply love Asian food, could not go home, without even tasting something else. Very tasty and cheap Asian food can be found at the restaurant Jasmin, located below the castle on the other side of the city walls.

In Bratislava you can also visit the TV tower, where there is a restaurant at the top, which offers wonderful views of Bratislava and its surroundings. Unfortunately, we were left without sight, because the tower closed that day, because it was leased to a group of people and we could not enter.


  • Apartments 2 nights = 84 eur
  • lunch in a typical Slovak restaurant (in a side street) = 20 eur
  • magnet souvenier = 1 eur
  • asian dinner= 23 eur